Scarborogh Wine Co are sponsoring NYE 2012 at the Sydney Opera House!

The family owned winery has a reputation for supporting their local communities and businesses and with their home grown appoach we were excited to have been selected to design and produce the wine cooler bags for their latest promotion.

See the write up below by Katrina Holden from

"What I like about Scarborough is their ability to mix the old with the new – a seemingly effortless combination of tradition and trend. Their labels for instance are not trendy or groovy, and yet they promote their wines through all sorts of contemporary means. I recently received their samples in what has to be one of the coolest wine bags I’ve ever seen, their ‘home grown celebration packs’. Scarborough commissioned Sydney company 2xO to make a customised wine bag, from upcycled advertising billboards – smart, eco-friendly and funky – it even had a ‘seat belt’ strap!"

Glad you like it Katrina!

The Scarborough new ‘cool’ cooler bags