An enormous bed of plastic bags supporting a disgusting assortment of plastic bottles and rubbish stretching from "horizon to horizon".

An island of rubbish in the Caribbean.

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These are some of the best eco-shoppers around. We know we don’t have to tell you it’s way better than your green supermarket bag…eeew! It will carry everything you need, a lot or a little, and still look good. Upcycled from heavy duty triloble nylon street banners, funky, durable, strong – it could carry your bowling ball if you had one. Get it dirty?...throw it in the wash. These are some of our bestsellers.

2xO library bag2xO library bag2xO library bag                                        2xO library bag pouches

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Australia's biggest and most important insider music conference BIGSOUND was held in Brisbane and once again, 2xO was commissioned to provide upcycled billboard bags for the BIGSOUND 2013 conference pass holders

According to QMusic, this year's BIGSOUND was the biggest and best in the history of the event!



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Scarborogh Wine Co are sponsoring NYE 2012 at the Sydney Opera House!

The family owned winery has a reputation for supporting their local communities and businesses and with their home grown appoach we were excited to have been selected to design and produce the wine cooler bags for their latest promotion.

See the write up below by Katrina Holden from

"What I like about Scarborough is their ability to mix the old with the new – a seemingly effortless combination of tradition and trend. Their labels for instance are not trendy or groovy, and yet they promote their wines through all sorts of contemporary means. I recently received their samples in what has to be one of the coolest wine bags I’ve ever seen, their ‘home grown celebration packs’. Scarborough commissioned Sydney company 2xO to make a customised wine bag, from upcycled advertising billboards – smart, eco-friendly and funky – it even had a ‘seat belt’ strap!"

Glad you like it Katrina!

The Scarborough new ‘cool’ cooler bags

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This website is dedicated to all things upcycled and their images are so beautiful we love it as it falls in line with our mission of turning the ugly into something beautiful!

check it out here:   Upcycle That

"Imagine you were running along the beach and you came across 3 giant plastic bottle fish sculptures. What would you think? Well, if you were in Botofogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that’s just what you would see."


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BIGSOUND approached 2xO to make their conference bags for what is Australia's most internationally focused conference. The 3 day conference drew together a vibrant collection of musicians, buyers and industry experts all of whom went home with a 2xO upcycled billboard bag!

After the event BIGSOUND gave 2xO a big thank you with, "Thanks so much for the great job of the bags, they’re superb! Everyone is very happy!”


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The word is spreading, online and offline. 2xO™ has been featured in various renowned national and international magazines and fashion blogs that reflect new trends and claim to have found the next hottest thing. This is of course great news for us at 2xO™ and indeed our concept stands well next to Al Gore and the topical subject of global climate change. We only hope that this interest isn't a trend as we are not stopping here! It is essential that the concept behind 2xO™ as well as what Al Gore and all that his name has come to represent becomes fundamental in the approach to our everyday lives.

It is with this spirit that we will make a difference!

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Sydney Cyclist was pleased to see the 2xO banner bags being handed out by BIKESydney at the Sustainable Markets today.

Once again, a big hit!

See this link to Sydney Cyclist to hear what people had to say.


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As a reminder from our last newsletter: it is estimated that the global annual production capacity of PVC will reach 40.33 million tons in 2007, with total consumption of 34.39 million tons.

In the late 80s, PVC recycling was promoted by the industry in order to make it more acceptable to the public and to prevent government action to limit PVC production and use.

Unfortunately, PVC recycling is not the answer. The amount of PVC products that are recycled is negligible, with estimates ranging from only 0.1% to 3%. PVC is very difficult to recycle because of the many different formulations used to make PVC products. Its composition varies because of the many additives used to make PVC products. When these different formulations of PVC are mixed together, they cannot readily be separated which is necessary to recycle the PVC into its original formulation. It’s also virtually impossible to create a formulation that can be used for a specific application. PVC can never be truly recycled into the same quality material—it usually ends up being made into lower quality products with less stringent requirements such as park benches or speed bumps.

When PVC products are mixed in with the recycling of non-chlorinated plastics, such as in the “all-bottle” recycling programs favoured by the plastics industry, they contaminate the entire recycling process. Although other types of non-chlorine plastics make up more than 95% of all plastic bottles, introducing only one PVC bottle into the recycling process can contaminate 100,000 bottles, rendering the entire stock unusable for making new bottles or products of similar quality.

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The annual Australian Leather, Bags and Accessories Fair took place in February at the Sydney Exhibition Centre; it was a great success for us. The interest in our products and our concept was extremely positive and we were able to secure clients from all over the country. I have to admit though that I have a new-found respect for shop assistants and anyone who has to stand on their feet in a small area for most of the day. I can't remember ever feeling so physically exhausted!

I would like to extend my gratitude to those that showed interest and support in attending our stand. We enjoyed meeting all of you.

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This time we've been venturing into new territory by introducing a new material to our existing list of non-recyclable materials.

Having fought in the hottest of battles and having been tested in the toughest of conditions by Australian heroes...the new line of bags by 2xO™ are constructed from Australian Fire Brigade water hoses that have served their purpose in countless battles saving thousands of lives, houses and bushland.

Such heroic lives deserve more than ending up in a rural tip as landfill. Why not give them what they deserve, a second, more fashionable life.

We are proud to welcome the next family member, the firebag, as the latest addition to our range. Check it out on our shop.

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You will find us at the annual Australian Leather, Bags and Accessories fair 15 - 17 February 2007 at stand K32. For those interested, please contact us so we can facilitate priority and VIP arrangements. We are looking forward to seeing you in February!

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At least 75% of each of our products is made from recycled materials sourced primarily from used vinyl advertising billboards. The material is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. It is UV protected, water resistant and tear-proof.

As one of the five common synthetic resins, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) ranks third in both global output and consumption. It is third only to polyethylene and polypropylene. With a good performance in physics and chemistry, PVC is not only used in the production of hard products, but also the production of soft products with additive of plasticizer. Therefore, it is widely used in such fields as industry, agriculture, construction, public utilities and daily lives.

It is estimated that the global annual production capacity of PVC will reach 40.33 million tons in 2007, with a total consumption of 34.39 million tons. During 2002-2007 the annual growth rate of global production capacity and consumption will maintain 4% and 5% on average (Market Research Report of China Polyvinyl Chloride).

The majority of this output will end up as landfill after its useful life!

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2xO™ started its range with a classic series of bags in 3 different sizes, billbag™, coffer and freighter. We are proud to welcome the next family member, the 'silo', as the latest addition to our range. Check it out in our shop.

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2xO Wins Gold


2xO Wins Gold

2xO™ have been awarded a gold medal at the recent Australian Web Site Awards hosted by the Australian Web Designers Network. Our site was awarded for best design and functionality.

There were constant late nights and early mornings; meetings were powered by energy, ideas and coffee. However, the infinite patience, professionalism and extensive knowledge of our web developers demonz media allowed us to realize our vision resulting in what is now our home within the maze of the WWW.

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It has been a hectic six months, dominated by intensive research and development efforts which resulted in the realization of our products.

The ongoing excitement peaked with the creation of our website which officially launched our business at the same time.

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